Come hunt the wide open plains of Montana with Borderline Outfitters where you will find an abundance of whitetail, mule deer, antelope, sharptail grouse, Hungarian partridges and coyotes!!

We have been offering full service guided hunts since 1986. Specializing in personal service,  we only take a limited number of hunters at a time.  Our hunters and guests stay in modern accommodations and enjoy three  home cooked meals per day.  Our guides are very knowledgeable about the variety of game in our area and the best ways to hunt the game we offer.

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Mule Deer

“The most exciting and intense Coyote hunting trip I have ever been on!!”  
                                             ~ Jeramiah Richards

Miles worked hard to find quality shooter antelope, has access to a lot of land and each stalk we did was exciting, Linda is a great cook and the bunkhouse was very comfortable, my sweetheart enjoyed the peacefulness of good quiet country living, someday we would like to return for another hunt with our boys."
                                             ~ Bruce Griepentrog

"Miles has the eyes of a hawk. Linda's cooking and company made us feel right at home. Miles hunted his butt off for us to ensure we went 100% and we did! Great guy, great outfit."
                                             ~  Kevin Williams

"Miles and Linda run a first class operation, I had a great time hunting with Miles he is extremely hard working and loves to hunt, I couldn't have asked for more. I highly recommend hunting with them!"
                                             ~  Geoff Jacobs

Are you ready to experience a true Montana guided hunt?  With some of the best hunting experiences in Montana, you are guaranteed a great hunt with Borderline Outfitters. 

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We now offer accommodations for up to 6 people in our new lodge with Kitchenette, TV and more!
Where hunting is our business.
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41235 Turner Road - Turner, Montana
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Hungarian Partridges
Our Cabin Accommodations
Leon Munyan shot an antelope that scored
87-7/8 in Turner, Montana!

#3 in the world with a handgun in Safari Club. 
He won a major hunting award - #4 in the world
for 2010 with trophys taken with a handgun!
There are still non resident deer tags to be had here in Montana, give us a call and we will put a hunt together for you.
Pronghorn Antelope
Prairie Dogs
Sharptail Grouse
"Miles is a great American, and an even better hunter. This week was one of the best hunting experiences I have ever had, and I've been blessed with more than my fair share. Linda's home cooking brought back many memories, and added a few new recipes to the arsenal. I also enjoyed living vicariously through their two boys, brought back many great memories. We had opportunities on deer every day, despite some tough weather (holy 45 mph winds batman!). This is old West hunting as you would 'em, figure out how to get to 'em, then do it...Good luck trying to keep up with Miles, he is a machine! Even if I hadn't shot a great Mulie, I would be coming back. Thanks to all for a great trip, I will be back!  Just wanted to say thanks again for a great week! I really enjoyed hanging you and you family you guys are great. Linda your cooking was excellent and your sense of humor was refreshing, your boys were fun to talk to and just to be around. Miles you are an awesome guide and really know your stuff I still can't believe how you spot deer where there seems to be nothing. I will highly recommend you to anybody looking for an excellent hunt.  Thanks again and hope to see you in the future."
                                             ~  Randy Hover